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The Post-PhD Blues: Managing Your Career after the PhD

‘We live our lives going forward but only understand them looking back.’ Kierkegaard Once you achieve your PhD and after the euphoria and the well earned sense of achievement has worn off a little you might get the post-PhD blues. This is common after achieving a major goal and so it’s important to anticipate it […]

Writing your Thesis: Building a Writing Routine as a PhD Student

The PhD is designed to make you into a professional researcher and writer. It’s an academic apprenticeship so it’s meant to be a learning process. Professional writers and scholars have routines that enable them to maximize their effectiveness and to make the process of writing easier. You will need to find and create your own […]

How to Deconstruct Your PhD

‘Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.’ Mark Twain Doing a PhD can appear a daunting prospect from the start. It’s like looking up at a sheer rock face and it’s hard to know where to begin. At the start of my graduate studies I approached […]

Starting with the End in Mind – Envisioning your PhD

In Sweden when you get your PhD they give you a laurel wreath with your name on it. When I first saw one of these at an academic’s flat in Lund, Sweden, I thought this was such a wonderful tradition! I think that anyone who finishes their PhD damn well deserves a laurel wreath! The […]

Dying Every Day: The Psychology of Doing a PhD

Rattattat Rattattat Rattattat … The Vickers machine gun went off on my desk spraying me with a hail of bullets. I scampered for the window to throw myself out onto the balcony before I woke up. Just another night in Vienna … My heart was pounding and I had difficulty breathing. I must be having […]